What do critics know?

The other night we watched the movie “Life Itself”. I won’t put a link to the movie, or a synopsis because that would spoil it. I will tell you that Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed it the ‘worst movie of 2018’. Rotten Tomatoes gave it one star. IMDB rates it 6.6 out of 10 but that is based on actual, real people ratings. Somewhere else, the real people rating came in at 93% positive (Google users).

So who is right? Everybody is. My husband is in love with this movie. I like it. It’s a nice movie. But mostly I am in love with a song that is basically another character in the movie and, get ready for this, the song was written by Bob Dylan. If you know anything about me, you know I am NOT a Bob Dylan fan. Up until 2 days ago there was only one Bob Dylan song I liked (She Belongs to Me).  Now there are two Bob Dylan songs I like, or in the case of this one, I love – sweet, sentimental, mawkish even (much like the movie) – but I love it –

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