Some people shouldn't be allowed near photo editors…

There is a photo blog I follow – guy is just your everyday person with a phone (and occasionally a real camera) who lives somewhere in California on some kind of small farm. He often posts 2 or 3 photos a day, mostly around the farm and he uses Snapseed as an editor. Okay, I have Snapseed, I don’t use it much any more because I have better editing programs (iPiccy).  This guy edits his photos the same way all the time – intensifies the colors, sharpens, crops – to the point where all his photos look the same and there is no point to them, they don’t say anything other than “Oh, look I have a photo editing app (and I’m not afraid to use it)”

Now of course I cannot comment on his blog about this because – hey, it’s how he likes his photos to look. But oh I am so tempted because there have been photos that would have been better served by less editing; views that kinda grabbed me except for all the over-editing.

I take photos because I like the way something looks. I have no agenda, there is no point to my photos, artistically or otherwise. I’m not saying anything except “This caught my eye”. But ¡Damn, do I love editing¡ I can play for hours with the most mundane of photos. Sometimes for my amusement I post them, most of the times I don’t even save the edited photos because, I’m just playing and learning actually.

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