Not for me…

I’ve reached the end of my interest in mainstream entertainment. We watch television in the evenings and I have reached the point where there is nothing I care to watch. We stream all of our entertainment: Netflix, Prime, Hulu Live, Acorn, Britbox and PBS. That is a boatload of ‘stuff’. And very little of it is for me.

My husband has less discerning tastes and will watch almost anything, even if he isn’t really interested. Why he continues to watch is beyond me. I have no problem with the off button, none.

He watches the stand-up comedy shows on Netflix, I don’t. I have zero tolerance for being bombarded with profanity. Zero. None. Nor do I care about other people’s sex lives. Nor do I care about 20-somethings, and 30-somethings and even 40-somethings mundane life problems. Been there, done that. There is nothing new under the sun.

As for movies or series – oh hey, I am not a teen or an adolescent. I don’t care about their sex lives either. Nor do I care to be subjected to even more profanity from teenagers.

As you can probably tell, I have a problem with profanity. I have had a problem with it all my life. And, as I have talked about many times before, I still don’t know why ‘shit’ is considered profanity – I think it is the only word that gets blipped on US television.

Anyway, we have started to just re-watch shows and movies we’ve seen before. That list is primarily British and Australian crime dramas and movies. Last night we re-watched “Unfinished Song” (also know as “Song for Marion”) on Netflix. Such a lovely, intelligent movie. But most of all, the featured song was “Goodnight, my angel (lullaby) by Billy Joel. It was not just part of the soundtrack but it was a part of the story,

I am rather fond of lullabies –

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