Whining about whiny old people

Sometimes old(er) people can pluck at my last nerve – always whining about something. Lately every time I go downstairs to pick up a package the same woman seems to be there complaining about all the packages that get delivered. How it never used to be this way. How the building doesn’t have room to store all these packages and on and on and on – whine, whine, whine. First of all – what business is it of hers? How does this impact her life in any way?

We have a front desk concierge – this person accepts and signs for all deliveries. Packages are kept behind the desk and there is a small storage closet off the lobby. It’s the front desk person who should be whining about all the packages, not some random resident. But bitch and whine she does.

 The powers that be decided that there needed to be a more efficient way to track packages and notify residents. And they did that – installed a system whereby the desk person scans the address label, clicks a button and !Presto! an email is sent notifying a person they have a delivery. So flippin’ easy, right? It’s a beautiful thing. When the resident picks up his package he signs for it using the electronic signature thingy. So easy. So much less work than handwriting little tickets, logging the packages by hand and then…I mean just layers and layers of crap.

Now packages don’t pile up behind the desk and in the small storage closet, the desk person has less work and there is an electronic record of everything. Life in the 21st century is good. Why are old people always whining about it? Embrace your electronics people. Learn to click! And mind your own business.

My husband’s brother called him this morning to ask if the fee to renew an expired passport was higher than to a renew a non-expired passport. Are you asking the same question I am? Why the hell is he asking my husband. Well, because my husband works for the federal government. And yes, my husband works in land border security but he has nothing to do with issuing passports. Further, his brother is sitting in front of his computer. Look it up!

What does my husband do? He asks ME. Yes, I am my husband’s Google. Takes me about 30 seconds to Google “US Passport Renewal” and get the url. I’m sorry people this is not rocket science.

On a more interesting note – this afternoon there was a big fat robin sitting in the tree outside my window – and sitting and sitting. Occasionally he would fly to the holly tree but moments later he was back – same spot. This went on for hours. It was like he was waiting for someone (or something). Since he could obviously fly I’m figuring he is not ill, and he sure is not starving because he is one FAT robin…Still – and guess what I just turned my head to look out the window and he is back…

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