I can't even…

is my usual response when I hear or read something so awful/stupid/incomprehensible because it is so stupid/horrible – well, you get the idea. Sometimes all you can say is but-but-but or just, ya know, foam at the mouth.

So – Politics: I haven’t read the front of the newspaper in close to 4 years now because my blood pressure can’t take it. My husband watches the local and world news in the evening so I have to listen to it – One would think in this country there would be some individual(s) with some smarts and intelligence who would run for political office. Well, history has proven you would be wrong.  Or, that they ran and lost. The current leadership, and I say that with tongue in cheek and the utmost disdain, is unspeakable. The boobies from the other party who are duking it out to run against the unspeakable are not, to my mind, up to the task – of winning or leading. Is this really the best we can do? Must I again vote against someone instead of for someone?

Now we have the corona virus to fuel the fools. Nevermind what our fearless leaders are not doing and don’t know, but I’m reading that people are reacting in totally moronic ways – there’s a run on toilet paper? Seriously?

So much stupid shit going on that my head is about to explode.  Join me in mourning the death of common sense.

So – kitty pics…

I don’t sleep well on Sunday nights, never mind the whys and wherefores, having had a total of maybe 4 hours sleep over an 8 hour period, I decided to try to catch a nap at 8:30 this morning. Miss Frankie Lulu Belle had other ideas.

That’s my little princess perched precariously on my rib cage (I’m a side sleeper). She doesn’t weight much more than 8 pounds or so but dang that hurt! The death stare was because I dared to ignore her –

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