Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ Doing the NYT crossword this afternoon and there was a clue that required knowledge of Super Mario Brothers – whatever the hell that is. Ok. ok – I know it is some sort of computer/video game but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I only completed the puzzle because I got all the down clues and that filled in the across.  There was also a sports related clue, again, zero knowledge, got it by filling in the other clues.

Any references to anything Disney always has me stymied, or children’s entertainment of any kind – books, movies, television – zero knowledge there too.

Basically ANY pop culture references don’t just go over my head, they were never in there to begin with – don’t even ask about music.

~ We are watching a show on Netflix called “The Messiah” (a charismatic man who sparks a spiritual movement and stirs political unrest.). And yes the plot will seem familiar to any of you who have ever gone to Sunday school, and yet…we sit mesmerized by this show. Last night we watched 2 episodes in a row because we wanted to know what happened next. (And shock, shock and surprised I haven’t even looked at the synopsis of future episodes. I mean, we all know where this is going to go, don’t we?)

I’m surprised by my husband’s interest in this show since it is about people and ideas – he’s your basic car chase/explosions/blood and guts sort of guy.  His taste in books runs the same way – oh yes all the conspiracy/spy sort of stuff. He likes his plots without any people involvement, not interested in big ideas or emotions.

~ I’m am going to go to my grave wondering why people can’t accept that we are all different in our likes and dislikes. Why some people have a problem with understanding I am not them; that when I am talking about MY likes and dislikes, I am NOT criticizing theirs. Or why they insist that their way, or likes, or preferences are applicable across the population and therefore I MUST do/like/be the same as them.

Yes, I have a particular person in mind along with their particular behaviors over the years, and no, it is not terribly important because this person does not occupy a lot of space in my life, and yes, maybe I am paranoid and this person hasn’t just publicly taken another swipe at me in their usual backhanded passive/aggressive way, but rather that something I wrote simply reminded them of something that they are positive about and that I am not a fan of.  Is that all vague enough for you LOL

~ I absolutely need to get a damn life.

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