What's wrong with looking good?

Aside from major plastic/cosmetic surgery there ain’t nuthin’ I can do to look good. My good-looking days are over. That said – this morning I cut my hair (yes, I do cut my own hair, all the time time because a) it’s easy to do and b) I seem to be the only person who can cut my hair the way I want it cut.). I also tweezed my eyebrows into some semblance of shape and form and for good measure I gave myself a facial – a nice moisturizing, deep cleaning mask.

None of that made me look good, just a teeny bit better. The revelation of my life came late – and that was getting my eyebrows shaped (via waxing and tweezing) by a professional. Holy carp! That was like getting a face lift. Seriously.  Now I have to do it myself, not the waxing bit just using the tweezers, not as good as a pro but you know good enough and better than nothing.

And that’s the one piece of grooming advice I would (and do) give to everyone, male and female – Get Your Eyebrows Done!

Make-up is fun – when I was young I wore make-up. Given my age that included white eyeshadow (Oh my lord was that an awful fad), black eyeliner swooped out into wings – I was a genius with the eyeliner.  Mascara is a given, nothing to discuss – use it.

Blush – always a good idea – but blend it, please. Foundation and all that other crap – not for me. Thankfully I never needed it.

And then there is lipstick – I HATE lipstick but I have to admit it does perk up a person’s face.

I haven’t had a lick of make-up on my face in years – mainly because I don’t go out in public except for grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments. (Living in lock-down is my NORMAL living situation.)  I still have my bag of make-up tucked away in the closet. I wouldn’t use any of it now because it is old, stale and probably yucky. Plus, you should replace all of that stuff, at minimum, every six months.

Yes, everyone is beautiful and all that stuff (does anyone actually believe that? I’ve got a mirror folks, I do know what I look like and it ain’t pretty!). But whatever your attitude is towards make-up and enhancements of any kind, please, just do your damn eyebrows!

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