Not giving a tinker's dam

allows a person to have a boatload of fun.  Or just be mildly amused. Take your pick.

For the past few days I’ve been doing a video ‘nice day’ report on Instagram. They give you 60 seconds, one stinkin’ minute to say something coherent. (If you want to go longer then there is IGTV). If you give me a life time I couldn’t be coherent.

Until very recently I would never post a photo of myself on-line, anywhere, except on very rare occasions and only to my close friends on FB – the public at large? Nope. Old photos I would post and then delete after a short period. That’s me in the header BTW but I’m guessing y’all figured that one out.

So there I am, my old ugly self on Instagram everyday, for 60 seconds, frumphing and hurumphing about the weather or whatever. I’m not very polished at this, I always seem to be looking down and my old lady neck and old lady pursed lips and my godawful (but super expensive) dentures all add to the unattractiveness of it all.

And that’s what’s kinda fun for me – I no longer care what I look like. I’m clean and neat (and my eyebrows are tamed), what else should I be? I didn’t have much to start with and time did me no favors. (And I’ll go to my grave swearing that these teeth are too damn big, I don’t care what my dentist says.)

So if you want to have a giggle or guffaw, you can catch me on instagram as @justtawkin.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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