I really do have to laugh at myself

because I simply don’t understand decor, themes, traditions and collections. Every time of read about such things I wonder to myself “Why? Why the hell would anyone do that?”  And of course the answer is – because it makes them happy. They enjoy it. I simply can’t fathom why.

All of that is so alien to me.  People put so much effort and thought and creativity in decor, themes, traditions and collections. I admire that. I wonder where they got the ideas for all of that. What does it mean to them.

And then I have to wonder, and laugh, why do I care? And I don’t really care so much as wonder why I find it so alien.

And are other people different from me, or am I different from other people? I tend to feel like I’m the different one – the rest of the world is in sync with each other and I am the odd one out.

I can admire something without wanting it. I mean, you just appreciate something for what it is. Or you recognize the work and the talent and the creativity that went into something without liking it per se. You just recognize the effort. Ya know?

People have skills that I am in awe of, yet, I have no desire to acquire those skills. I value their skills without valuing what those skills result in. Does that make any sense?

And it’s not simply a matter or like or dislike – I like chocolate ice cream but I don’t like ice cream with chunks of chocolate in it. I don’t think there is much to understand about that, it’s pretty straight forward, nothing there to understand, or not.

I don’t understand me more than than I don’t understand other people. I do not understand why I find the whole decor, themes, traditions, collection alien and weird.

It is just me, isn’t it?

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