Oh my gosh, so much

With my new schedule I don’t actually start interacting with the interwebs until early to mid afternoon. Sure, in the morning, after I’ve read the newspaper and I’m still half asleep and sitting at the dining table, I use my iPad to scroll (and delete) email from my main email account. I don’t check the account associated with this blog so I don’t see any of the day’s new posts until the afternoon when I sit down to my desk and my ‘big’ computer. Sometimes over lunch I scan, still via my iPad, some of the new posts in my reader but rarely would I comment because typing on an iPad is a PITA.  And yes I have a bluetooth keyboard for it but that is also a PITA.  I can, OTOH, click the like button and sometimes I will do that. This is just so you know why I might seem to be missing your posts, especially those of you in some way different time zone (Looking at you Rory).

Next up – the impossibly quirky English language – Buddy71 had a post today – Wednesday Whisper. I saw this in my email – just the title “Closer” and the photo. Closer, in my mind, read as someone or something that closes, as opposed to open. Imagine my surprise when I went to his site and it was a whole ‘nother thing. “Closer” is a heteronym – (“each of two or more words that are spelled identically but have different sounds and meanings, such as tear meaning “rip” and tear meaning “liquid from the eye.””) Just for some fun here is a link to, supposedly,  the complete list heteronyms in the English language.

And then – what the frick is wrong with people? You send someone a hefty check as a gift, and the only way you know if they ever received it is when you get a notification from the bank that the check has cleared. How hard is it, how much time does it take, to type 8 letters and a space – either in a text, and email, or even a message via FB? I am sorely tempted to never send that person another thing – ever – of any kind. Unfortunately that person is my husband’s middle child who already hates my guts. I don’t expect her to acknowledge me in any way but I do expect her to acknowledge her father. (Yes, I write and sign the checks and cards but still – her father’s name is on them.) I am so pissed!

There’s more to talk about but I’m tired of typing!

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