OMG – Please stop talking!

I absolutely can NOT stand people talking. I can’t abide the sound of the human voice.

My husband is one of those people who can’t just say something once, oh no, it must be said again in a different way and then he has to explain what he just said and I’m – I GOT IT! PLEASE STOP TALKING! I’ll walk away and still he talks on until I come back and say “You’re still talking!”

I have never, ever, ever EVER liked people reading to me. Drives me bat-shit. Audio books – oh a special sort of hell to me.

In school the only way I could get through lecture classes (which is every class after all) was to write down every word I heard so I didn’t have to actually listen – I was always – “Just give the reading list and let me know when to come back and take the test”.

That’s probably why I’ve never been much of a tv or movie watcher – it’s just people talking. They are not talking to me, they’re just talking. Oh for god’s sakes, is this written down anywhere? Just give it to me and I’ll read it. Just stop talking.

Lately I’ve been watching tv shows in other languages with English subtitles, that way I am actively engaged. Plus I’m learning bits and pieces of other languages. Kind of a win-win there.

All this people talking – it’s passive. I can’t participate. I can’t ask questions. I can’t get them to move on. Move on! Get to the point!

I don’t do audible learning. I don’t process information that way – it’s just noise. Show me, hand to brain. Or give me the damn book or manual or whatever and I’ll read it. But don’t talk at me!

I had to have a hearing test some years ago (long story, not very interesting) and it turns out I have exceptional hearing in the upper and lower registers; the middle register not so much. There are sounds only me and dogs can hear. Probably why I love bass voices and I’m not overly fond of tenors and sopranos.

I’ve always been sensitive to sound – loud upsets me so much. High pitched sounds literally drive me mad, turn me into a quivering mass of tears and trembling.

Now I’m noticing that the sound of someone talking gets on my very last nerve. Whether they are talking to me, at me, or I overhear a conversation – human voices – Make them stop.

I’m not sure if I could even have a conversation with someone now – even tho I would be participating and it wouldn’t be a passive situation. I just don’t want to hear a human voice. I want silence.

Please – for the love of all that’s holy – Shut the hell up!

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