I'm antsy and edgy

and I’d like to smack somebody – no one in particular – just anyone at all – to get rid of this itchy feeling. Not itchy as in scratchy itchy as in prickly, like cactus.

Tuesday was a stupid day filled with stupid frustrations, and I don’t know why that’s still on my mind.

I need everyone to go back to work because they are hogging all the bandwidth. This is an old building and was retrofitted with cable and every time I complain Comcast says, and rightly so, “It’s the wiring in your building.”  A couple of years ago Verizon put their fiber optics crap in the building but their reputation for service is worse than Comcast’s around here. Plus the Verizon box with all the connections is in the trash room and the box is unlocked and all the connection wires are just hanging down. A really mean person could disconnect everyone on this floor by just pulling the wires out. I’m not that kind of person, but you know, just sayin’

Are there big bad things going on in the world? You betcha’.  All laid at the door of the stupidity of human beings. Were human beings to be eradicated from the Universe, it would be a very good thing.

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