There are things that are troubling me

or perhaps troubling isn’t quite the right word, well yes it is for some of the things that my brain refuses to let go. Other things are just – a trifle heavy in my head and heart, making me sad. Both sets of things are taking up too much head space. I have to keep telling myself this – 

That last bit is really the most important – I can’t expect these people to understand where I’m coming from. I could try to explain but it would almost sound as if I am saying I am better than they are – and that’s not true, these are good and kind people whose lives are, and have been, so very different from mine. I can understand their POV, really I can, but I know they can’t understand mine, tho they would try, I just know they would.

And then there are those things that are making me a bit sad, my heart heavy – well, that’s where the first bit comes in – let it be. I’m here, they know where to find me. Time to let it be, let it go, shrug my shoulders and move on.
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