I want my new toy, dammit!

I told you I bought a ReMarkable, but that it won’t ship until October (it seems they are making a small batch at a time and I fall into batch #7 – whatever.) I told you how much I hate typing and that I think better with pen and paper.

I was just clearing off my desk, putting away various bits of paper and I noticed my writing notebook – where I do my scribbling. I don’t know how other people compose their poetry but me, I scribble and scratch out and re-write and move things around.

Also the first verse of any poem comes to me in one quick burst, pretty much just the way I want it and the verses that follow are just plain hard work. Some people have complimented my writing and I always say that I am only a writer of great lines. Really. A line or two, really top notch, a cohesive whole, not so much.

You know how in the recording industry there is a category called ‘one hit wonders’ well I am in the category of one verse wonders. There was a time when inspiration hit I could just sit and work it out in one fell swoop (editing later of course, there is always editing) but that doesn’t happen anymore, not too sure why. Maybe because, eh, nevermind.

Of course if I were a dedicated writer, a real writer, I would go back to my bits and pieces and just sit and cogitate and finish the poem. But I’m not a dedicated writer, I am an emotional writer and my emotions just seem to come out in verse. Actually I wouldn’t call myself a writer at all (I’m not sure I ever have described myself as such) I’m just someone who feels in verse. Or inverse! “Definition of inverse: opposite in order, nature, or effect” I think that’s a great description of me. Along with perverse…

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