I've got the attention span of a 2-year old

Plus I love to redecorate. Plus I like to reinvent myself – because, ya know, I’m bored. If you think the various mes (that would be the plural form of ME) that you have met over the years are all a little whack, you should meet the mes that are still rattling around in my head!

Margot Flutterby is a hoot in hell and I love her to pieces but as much as I love her she’s not totally me and I’m not totally her but I am now using her photo as my persona because I just love the damn photo. (Oh, wait none of you know Margot do you? Well that’s her photo on the header.)

And for those of you who I have known lo these past 15 years, I can’t promise that this will be the final blog iteration of me (as explained in the first paragraph).

Plus – Blogger is so easy to redecorate with and WordPress is very limited in the design area. Plus – I haven’t found WP all that interesting a place. The folks I have wound up following there (in addition to all the folks I follow on Blogger) blog constantly about prompts. What the hell is that about? I don’t get it. So screw that…

I’ve spent the last few days doing what makes me happy and would probably bore the hell out of everyone else – I’ve been consolidating 3 different blogs, deleting (I love the delete key!) posts, importing, exporting, converting and designing.  I now have (excepting this post) 300 posts that represent 15 years of just tawkin’.

Going back over posts has shown that I have about 4 topics of conversation and I’ve been beating them like a dead horse all these years. If I had a therapist I would print them out and just dump them in his/her lap and say “Call me when you’ve done reading.” That would save a lot of talking time fer sure.

Now for something totally different (not!): For the last 4 days we have had marvelous weather, 70’s-low 80’s, low humidity so WINDOWS OPEN time. Today, pffft – heat index of 90 and it’s all due to humidity. Phooey – I hate Summer sooo much!

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