I am not a philosopher

 Sitting in my in-box is this message from The Universe, from way back in July. 

“When you look at old photos, Grace, it’s obvious isn’t it? You were good-looking back then. Really good-looking. Yet somehow, at the time, you didn’t quite believe it. 
Grace, learn from yesterday, because today you’re even better looking than you were then. Way better. You’re smarter, too. Funnier. Wiser. More compassionate. Less serious. And you’re totally sauntering! “

And I so have to disagree.  Yes, I was good looking back then, really good looking. And yes, at the time I never even thought about it. BUT – 

No, I am not better looking now, there is a certain beauty that comes with youth – no matter how a person’s face and body are arranged, if they are young they are beautiful. No matter how life has treated them so far, their youth bestows an inner and outer beauty. If you want a more specific description, I can’t give it. Just look, you’ll either see it or you won’t.

Yes, perhaps I am smarter both via life and books; funnier – yeah, that too.

More compassionate, no, I’m not. I’m old, and jaded and cynical.

Less serious? Oh yeah because when I was young I was very serious. We all were, the world was an ugly bewildering place and we were dying – literally. The fact that none of that has changed? One shrugs one’s shoulders.

Sauntering? hell, I can barely walk but they are talking more attitude than agility I think. 

My attitude? Sometimes I still think I have a future and I day dream that future and sometimes I am painfully aware that what I have is a past  – so much past! 

It’s not about outside looks, tho those count, they really do and we are lying to ourselves if we say they don’t.  And that inner beauty? Where does it come from? It shines through the eyes and through the smiles. It comes from hope and despair. But it also comes from having more future than past. 

When you’ve used up your future, and looking back, you see the beauty – that’s a good thing. But also a sad thing. Joy and sadness, cynicism and hope – they existed then, they exist now, but sadness and cynicism tip the balance now.

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Despite the fact that

 today, weather-wise, is the most glorious, gorgeous, marvelous perfect day a person could imagine, I’m not feeling it. 

This is what I’m feeling…

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I just don't care

 No matter what television show or what movie on whichever or whatever service I watch, I just don’t care! None of it holds my attention, none is really of any interest, it’s all the same blah-blah-blah. All been there, done that there is nothing new under the sun, and I am almost but not quite getting inured to the obscenties. I swear, if they take the f-word out of any and all scripts it would cut the running time by half. 

I don’t relate to teenage angst. Or 20-something angst, or 30 something angst – you get the picture. I also don’t relate to old farts, not that there are any television shows about old farts that isn’t an insult to my intelligence – Oh hell, there isn’t a tv show, of any kind, on any station, on any streaming service that isn’t an insult to my intelligence.

And no thanks to documentaries, a bunch of talking heads boring me to death, just tell me the name of the book and I’ll read about it on my own – yappy, yappy, yappy. 

Watching paint dry has got to be more entertaining than anything available in the realm of entertainment. 

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It's the same old story…

This morning the temperatures were in the high 70’s and the humidity was in the high 90’s. We have the a/c on because of the dampness and my windows look like this –

That’s NOT rain, that’s condensation – between the a/c, temperature and humidity it only looks, and feels, likes it’s raining – it wasn’t.

It is now mid-afternoon and it’s pouring buckets; a flash flood alert come in on my phone; temperature and humidity have risen slightly since this morning. All in all this is how the Summer has been – rain, rain and more rain. Yes, we had weeks of high 90’s plus humidity but we also had rain…I have spent the Summer blasting the a/c for various reasons and wearing a jacket indoors ’cause I’m freezing my tootsies off. 
When the day is dark and dreary and rainy, and it’s downright chilly inside, it is hard to remember it is Summer – I suppose technically it is Autumn but the temperature really says otherwise – the temperatures outdoors at any rate so my days are spent in 
Perception Disconnection


the windows are closed tight

and the sky is grey and dreary

and it is chilly inside

and I am wearing a sweater

my mind registers ‘Winter’

in July.

Perception disconnection.

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I can't believe I forgot!

Every year, sometime at the end of August, the date varies but this year year it was August 25th, Starbucks declares the start of the pumpkin spice season.

In 2018 I started protesting this very thing with a little protest poem. Perhaps because 2020 has been such a horrendous year and I couldn’t bear to face any more bad news, I completely forgot to post my anti-pumpkin spice paean.

I know you all missed it. I’m sure you were all thinking – “Ah, Grace is getting old, her memory is starting to go. Not like her to miss a chance to versify and vilify. Best to pretend we didn’t notice”  Yes, yes – I’m sure that’s what you all were thinking.

Fear not – now that I have remembered, here you are – Grace’s take on pumpkin spice –

Pumpkin Spice
I double checked, it’s August still
Yet scrolling down my Facebook wall
It seems I’m wrong, it’s really Fall.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger – nice.
Cloves and allspice – maybe not,
Still, in pie it hits the spot.

Coffee, sure, that’s de rigueur
But sprays and soaps and lotions, Yikes
The world seems made of pumpkin spice.

Old fashioned folks like me protest!
Pumpkin spice in pie is best,
Please leave it out of all the rest.

© 2018 Grace St. Clair
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Quick Follow Up

People responded to my post about intermittent fasting saying they might try it. When you think about it it is a rather natural way to arrange your eating schedule. Most of the ‘fasting’ time is when you are sleeping – so that’s easy enough (unless you’re taking Ambien, in which case you could possibly be sleep eating…).

If you click the link in the post (or do your own search) you will get more information. You need to know your own needs and rhythms. Folks also said they could easily skip breakfast, Lisa noted she always feels a bit draggy after breakfast which affects how she starts her work day…The reason most folks feel draggy after eating is because your body adjusts the blood flow from your head to your stomach to digest the food – so that makes sense.

One article I read said that women do better on a 14/10 eating schedule – which opens things up a bit. Supposedly it also helps reset your metabolism, something we older women know all about. If you eat a healthy diet this eating schedule will allow you a slow but steady weight loss which will maintain. It’s not just about weight loss, it is about knowing your body and how it reacts. I simply can’t eat a big meal at night I’ve discovered. And eating breakfast makes me hungry!

Yes there will be days when the schedule gets shot all to hell because that’s the way YOU feel on a given day. There may be social situations which affect your schedule. It’s all good.

If you choose not to have breakfast you can still have your coffee – as long as you don’t add a lot of sugar or cream. You are not breaking your ‘fast’ if you have less than 50 calories. So coffee with a dollop of milk, no sugar, keeps you on track.

Let’s face it – losing weight involves consuming fewer calories, especially empty ones, and increasing activity.  Intermittent fasting is just another tool in the healthy weight game.

I fell into it naturally, it works for me and it’s easy – for me. Your life style will dictate how you implement it – it IS all about you!

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Everybody talks about sleep…

Some folks don’t get enough, some folks actually sleep too much. There is a saying about ‘sleeping like a baby’ which some folks think is a bit off because while babies seem to sleep a lot they do so in 3 or 4 hour increments much to the dismay of their parents.

Perhaps the saying should change to ‘sleep like a toddler’ as in this little video (turn up the sound)

(click the full screen option in the lower right corner)

Did you catch the last thing Princess T said – “Where are you?” – So funny!

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