It's the same old story…

This morning the temperatures were in the high 70’s and the humidity was in the high 90’s. We have the a/c on because of the dampness and my windows look like this –

That’s NOT rain, that’s condensation – between the a/c, temperature and humidity it only looks, and feels, likes it’s raining – it wasn’t.

It is now mid-afternoon and it’s pouring buckets; a flash flood alert come in on my phone; temperature and humidity have risen slightly since this morning. All in all this is how the Summer has been – rain, rain and more rain. Yes, we had weeks of high 90’s plus humidity but we also had rain…I have spent the Summer blasting the a/c for various reasons and wearing a jacket indoors ’cause I’m freezing my tootsies off. 
When the day is dark and dreary and rainy, and it’s downright chilly inside, it is hard to remember it is Summer – I suppose technically it is Autumn but the temperature really says otherwise – the temperatures outdoors at any rate so my days are spent in 
Perception Disconnection


the windows are closed tight

and the sky is grey and dreary

and it is chilly inside

and I am wearing a sweater

my mind registers ‘Winter’

in July.

Perception disconnection.

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