I just don't care

 No matter what television show or what movie on whichever or whatever service I watch, I just don’t care! None of it holds my attention, none is really of any interest, it’s all the same blah-blah-blah. All been there, done that there is nothing new under the sun, and I am almost but not quite getting inured to the obscenties. I swear, if they take the f-word out of any and all scripts it would cut the running time by half. 

I don’t relate to teenage angst. Or 20-something angst, or 30 something angst – you get the picture. I also don’t relate to old farts, not that there are any television shows about old farts that isn’t an insult to my intelligence – Oh hell, there isn’t a tv show, of any kind, on any station, on any streaming service that isn’t an insult to my intelligence.

And no thanks to documentaries, a bunch of talking heads boring me to death, just tell me the name of the book and I’ll read about it on my own – yappy, yappy, yappy. 

Watching paint dry has got to be more entertaining than anything available in the realm of entertainment. 

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