The problem with our now old, new

 eating schedule is that there are foods that take some hours to prepare. If you eat your main meal around Noon-ish anything that takes 4 or 5 hours to cook must be started, well, 4 or 5 hours before Noon – so that would be, what – 7 or 8am? Of course you have to factor in prep time so we’re talking more like 6am. Cooking at 6am? Me? NOT!

Except for this morning. 

(So multitasking this morning- it’s 6:50am and I just popped up to put some laundry on – community laundry room – want an early start).

I was vaguely awake around 5am, and since I knew I wanted to make beef stew today I got out of bed ’round 5:30am, had a bit of coffee and then set to browning meat and peeling potatoes. By 6am the slow cooker was bubbling away…with any luck at all lunch will be a bit late today, say 12:30 but – a nice beef stew ala Grace with biscuits for lunch, leftovers can be had for Sunday lunch and there you go.

Thing is – I’ve never been a morning person. I have no idea how I functioned in the 9 to 5 world for so many years. I’ve always felt that 5am was the perfect time to GO to bed, not get OUT of bed!

This morning, sitting sipping my first cuppa cawfee I glanced across the room, still bleary eyed and noticed this – 

I rather like the shadows. Also – this is crooked. And has been for some time. And I haven’t straightened it. How’s that for a change of attitude? Me, the obsessive straightener of all things crooked, shrugging and just letting it go…

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