Moving right along

 Yesterday was a lovely day – a fun day actually, being remembered and cared about – Oh so super nice.  

Today I’m feeling less than wonderful, perhaps a reaction to the flu shot I got Thursday. My husband felt a little wobbly on Friday and Saturday, I may be reacting a bit later. We got the regular shot because every time we showed up the super dose for seniors was out of stock and then, don’t ya know, the supply came in the next day…We just can’t be going back and forth to the pharmacy day after day so – regular flu shot it was. 

I was going to post pics of the beautiful flowers I received but – most of you have seen them already. I know some folks think cut flowers are a waste but I love them. I don’t need any tchotkes or jewelry or clothes. While I love chocolate I shouldn’t be eating that either. House plants you say? Well I’ve nowhere to put them. I live in an apartment with very narrow window sills, butting up to the window sills are various cat perches so even if I were prone to buying a plant stand, no where to put it. I think our apartment is too chock-a-block with stuff now, adding more stuff? No. 

But the flowers delight me, truly. Tho I do wish folks would just send me a card…I know that sounds ungrateful but their money is better spent on their families and themselves. Me, just a card or a call – all I need.

And speaking of calls – this is so funny. I have a ‘friend’ who I met on-line, oh maybe 20 years ago? On a board called “Da Brooklyn Stoop”. Originally there was a “Queens Stoop” and when that closed down all the old timers who were left moved on to Da Brooklyn Stoop. For many and various reasons, mostly old age and some serious disagreements, Da Brooklyn Stoop is on it’s way out. I haven’t posted on that board in years BUT I stay in touch with one person via Facebook. Last week this lovely lady asked for my phone number. “Sure” I said.

Yesterday my phone rings and lo and behold – dear Joyce calls – and I think we talked for 2 hours! 2 hours~ Who tawks that much? I guess 2 old ladies from New Yawk City do. It was a most delightful surprise. 

If one must have surprises in one’s life then please let them be flowers and fun and frieneds.

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