Please permit me to dump my anxieties

 I am feeling so overwhelmed that I just want to stop everything. Stop all the healthcare responsibilities – they have become overwhelming and scary. The visit to the pulmonologist didn’t allay any fears and what is on the horizon is frightening me even more. All this juggling and managing of so many doctors appointments.

Plus my husband’s health seems to be taking small turns for the worse. My cat definitely needs vet attention. I haven’t managed to find housekeeping help yet because that too is just too much to deal with. 

Everything is just too much to deal with. Mental and physical fatigue has rendered me immobile. I just can’t seem to find the energy to make a decision about anything.

I just want to sit and cry. I just want someone else to be responsible for something – anything. I don’t have the physical or mental or emotional strength to manage all this.

I just don’t.

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