Do I or don't I?

I am in a bit of a dilemma about holiday cards, or Christmas cards – howsoever you wish to call them. 

I create my own cards every years and then have them professionally printed by Vistaprint. 2020 has been the anno horribilis to end all anni horribilis and folks who do the Christmas thing are going to be curtailed in how they celebrate this year, tho I have no doubt they will if only to maintain some normalcy. Other friends have suffered losses of loved ones and they will be remembering happy times surely but do they wish to be reminded to be ‘happy’ and ‘merry’ when grieving. 

There is the possibility of sending New Year’s cards instead – depending on the outcome of the election – a particular result of said election would most definitely not bode well for a happy new year. 

Plus I’m just not feeling it. So how shall I acknowledge my friends and acquaintances this year? How to say – “Hello, thinking of you and wishing you well” Perhaps that’s it – a sort of holiday-ish Hello card – it’s a thought.  

What do you think?

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