For two people who love music as much as my husband and I

 our wedding included no music at all. I had almost no say in how my own wedding went – my husband decided it should be over a long Easter weekend when a big family get together was planned in Boston – his hometown and where all his relatives lived. My idea was to wait until June and just have a big party in the yard – beer and franks, cookies and cake and music blasting. You have to know that we were living in a little USA/Canadian border town and everyone knew everyone and it would have been a blast – trust me.

Anyway – his younger sister  arranged everything, from the church to the reception dinner at a restaurant – and paid for it. The cake was had at his older sister’s house where just about everyone was parked in the living room watching the Stanley Cup because – Boston & hockey & the Bruins. 

Anyway – prior to all that my husband and I talked about what ‘our’ wedding song would be, keep in mind we were in our early 40’s  – 

My choice was – 

My husband’s choice was –

Don’t know why this was particularly on my mind today –

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I'm in LOVE with my new loveseat!

 Remember the post where I talked about buying a new love seat?  Well it came today and it is way nicer than anything I actually tried out in the store. Plus the color is nicer that what showed up on my computer screen. Plus it is so friggin’ comfortable I may live in this damn thing.

It is a power recliner loveseat (with USB ports!). Each seat reclines separately, and, get this, the back reclines by moving forward – the concept is called ‘wall-away’ – so you don’t need this to be miles away from a wall. You can adjust just the head rest, or just the foot rest. OMG this is the greatest thing since sliced bread! The leather is primo and the seat and back are firm. Firm! Just the way I like it. (I hate soft, cushy, mushy seating and bedding).

Here’s a few pics – including my husband’s big ugly brown recliner – (the little side pillows I already had.)

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