Pinterest is a royal pain in my ass

 People use it to, I don’t know, store notes, reminders, things they think might be of interest at some time in the future…It’s a hoarders paradise online. 

But see, here’s the thing – people store great gooey gobs of “QUOTES” in their hoard. Fine, but when I go looking for a quote Google keeps referencing Pinterest locations and the people who hoard quotes there DO NOT PUT THE SOURCE.  Sometimes you don’t even see an attribution of any kind. If I’m searching for a quote I want the source. I’m looking for more information not just the words all regurgitated in a pretty poster format…Who said it, where was it said, in what context – I’m looking for everything!

The same thing happens with images – Google throws thousands of images at you and further searching finds that they are on Pinterest. With NO source or attribution. I don’t want someone else’s itty-bitty pin of the image, I want the damn original along with the attribution – I want to know who created the image. I am looking for information.

I wonder what would happen if I did a boolean search – would I get the real thing? 

I save things I see and read all the time – they are in folders on MY computer. Occasionally I forget to add where I got the quote from – never the author of the quote, that I put on every time. Which book of theirs, which poem. Or was it an essay or a lecture? Why did I forget to write that information down? 

And why the hell can’t Google find it for me instead of sending me to someone’s Pinterest hoard? 

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