Pluses and Minuses

 ~ “…as much use as a chocolate teapot.”  This delights me in so many ways.

~ Whenever I need a laugh, I watch this and whenever I need to express my displeasure I imitate the voice saying “No, No..I don’t want it”

I don’t bake anymore yet I am still compelled to cut out recipes that tickle my fancy and just might tickle my taste buds if I made them. Mmmm – Pie!

And things that irk me – 

~ People who describe themselves as empaths and how they “feel all the feels”. And the implied superiority. No, you are a pretentious little twit.

~ “You do you.” WTF does that mean? 

~ Ageism – I am sick to death at being spoken to as if I am 5 years old or suffering from dementia. I am old, I am not stupid.

~ Assumptions based on zero information or prejudiced views which leads to

~ People who get all their exercise from jumping to conclusions.

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