I just went down to the lobby to pick up a package and several days worth of mail. Mostly what we’ve been getting in the mail are medical bills and notices from our insurance company regarding the medical bills. 

Today I got the notice about my hospital stay back at the end of September. 

Hospital Admission: $34,902.25

Plan Allowance:    $11,793.16

Medicare Paid:    $10,385.16

Private Insurance Paid: $1408.00

I paid:    Nothing at all

Difference between what hospital charged and what they got paid: $23,109.09

Wow! Does this mean that if someone didn’t have any kind of insurance they would be in the hole for $34,902.25? 

I’m still responsible for all other fees – doctors, radiology etc. Some of those fees, after insurance pays,  are less than $2.00 but others are in the $200+ range. 

I’m left wondering at medical billing systems…

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