Big Whoop – So it's Monday

When you’re retired every day is pretty much like another, having a schedule, of sorts, is the only way to keep track of the day and date. We have a calendar on the fridge where we write in any appointments and they are mostly doctor stuff with the occasional board meeting for my husband and the occasional suspension of services in the building for repairs. So exciting.

My husband works part-time from home and he works 7 days a week, more hours than the 20 he gets paid for but there it is. My schedule revolves around laundry – Monday and Friday. Grocery shopping used to be on Thursdays, senior discount day and all, but we discovered that major food deliveries at the store are on Friday – Oho – so now we shop whenever we run out of stuff – usually once a week but sometimes less often. 

I’m not a morning person by nature but with our new ‘dining’ schedule it means my mornings are busy. Up at the crack of dawn, especially Mondays and Fridays (community laundry and all). Our main meal is around Noon, so after breakfast, cleaning out of the in-box, a little blog reading I’m in the shower and dressed, wash up the mornings dishes and then start to make lunch. That pretty much leaves the afternoons for whatever – housework, there’s always something that needs cleaning, reading, putzing around on the computer and internet and the occasional blog post.

I don’t ‘fluff’ the bed until late in the afternoon – my husband naps after lunch, sometimes for an hour, sometimes 3. With the cooler weather Frankie usually stays in the bed all afternoon and I don’t like to disturb her, and then, on rare occasions I will lie down to read and fall half asleep. 

Yeah, it’s a tough life. 

This week because of the holiday I was wondering when would be the best day to shop, I was thinking Wednesday would be a nightmare and Tuesday morning my husband has a board meeting and we wouldn’t be able to get to the store until late morning and I do have some odds and ends to get for dinner on Thursday and I need to start cooking on Wednesday. Plus I really hate leaving the apartment – paranoia runs deep. 

I put in a grocery order to be delivered Wednesday morning – usually I pick a weird time and save $3.00 off the delivery fee of $9.95 – this time I’m paying full price because I really need a few of the items by Wednesday afternoon. Add in a $5 tip for the driver and I’m in for $15 plus the cost of groceries. Still that is less than the $22 round trip cost of an Uber. 

I think Thanksgiving is stupid, along with any and all other quote/unquote holidays. Plus – yuk, the food! Turkey, mashed potatoes, brown gravy and what all else is traditional – what a bunch of tasteless, colorless items. Except for cranberry sauce. I like cranberry sauce, I like cranberry anything. I’ve made all of that nonsense in the past for my husband, the good ole Boston Irish boy, and it’s a boatload of work for just two people. If I’m going to spend hours and hours slaving over a hot stove then it’s going to be for something good to eat. 

Thankfully my husband is also an IBM, Italian By Marriage so this year I am making manicotti and meatballs. 

I’ll put up the gravy on Wednesday and probably make the crepes as well – that leaves Thursday just to make the filling and put the manicotti together and pop that in oven. We’ll still probably eat around Noon-ish and maybe if I’m not all the tired I’ll make some cocoa spice cake as a little treat – who knows. That’s an entire afternoon of washing dishes – not too sure if I’m up for that. 

Wow – I’ve just outlined my upcoming week, so unless something interesting happens I guess I won’t have anything to write about at all. 

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