I’m trying to decide whether to start cooking today or do it all tomorrow. My grocery order should be delivered before Noon which leaves the afternoon free to start cooking. I could certainly put up the  gravy and meatballs today but that would mean re-heating tomorrow and then re-heating the leftovers at some time in the near future. How much re-heating do I want to do?

But – the gravy takes a good 3 hours, which means I will have to be up and cooking at 6am on Thursday – do I want to do that? You see we eat our main meal around Noon-ish, I simply can’t eat a big meal at night, it plays havoc with my stomach. The crepes for the manicotti could also be done today but I have a small fridge and I’m thinking there will be no place to put them.

I would really like a nice big salad to go with dinner tomorrow but I really can’t depend on the grocery store shoppers to pick out the same fresh veggies I would – I’m sure asking for one large ripe tomato would be a waste of typing. I miss fresh veggies. 

We eat mostly frozen string beans and brussel sprouts, my husband is not a big veggie eater, tho he does like spinach, and quite frankly I’m not a huge fan. Of course he likes creamed spinach (yuk!) and I prefer spinach salad. Oddly enough my husband likes brussel sprouts and broccoli rabe but not broccoli – me,  I love broccoli any way you want to make it. Cauliflower will never enter my kitchen, there is no excuse for anything to smell that bad. I can’t remember what cauliflower tastes like since I haven’t eaten it in more than 50 years – and even then it was pickled – seems Italians pickle a lot of vegetables – or at least my relatives did. 

Yesterday afternoon my husband and I had a long conversation about holidays, families and other similar topics – understand that my husband and I met when we were in our 40’s so we don’t have any first hand experience with each other’s formative years. My husband has a bit more experience with my mother and brother than I have with his family (thank goodness for small blessings on my part, not so much for my poor, long suffering husband).  My husband is not much of a talker or sharer so when he’d had enough of talking he said “This was nice but I think I’m going to read my book.” End of conversation. 

Last night we played Scrabble, my husband has been keeping score for 30 years now, I won 334 to 209. I won last time, and the time before – he is becoming less enchanted with playing Scrabble these days.

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