It's a dreary, rainy day


It’s a complicated and slightly worrisome week ahead. Miss Frankie isn’t well but then she isn’t sick either. She’ll be 17 soon and like all elders is getting a little frail. She drinks and pees, and occasionally doesn’t eat much and then eats like a little Hoover – it fluctuates. We know she won’t be with us all that much longer. She isn’t in any pain; when she’s up she marches around the apartment bitching and complaining like as always – she is a very chatty cat, always has been – a feline motormouth. 

I ordered some high protein/appetite enhancer gel from Chewy – they deliver faster than Amazon. I tried calling the mobile vet but they don’t have any appointments for 2 weeks and really what are they going to do – tell me she is old and fading? We know that but…who knows I may try them again.

We can’t get her to a local vet because they tell you to drive up and they will come out and get your pet. And then you can park somewhere and wait – in some cases for several hours. We don’t have a car; we are both disabled and walk with canes, so yes, a cab will take us there but then what do we do? There is no place to sit and wait. We can take a cab home and then just you know, go in circles, get home, turn around, go back. And then…what if they decide they want to keep her for some reason…No way I’m leaving my baby to spend her last days in a cage in a strange place –  

I did that with my first cat, Max. He was getting frail and fading, just wanted to sleep hidden in the closet. I took him to the vet who said his kidneys were failing and they would keep him and give him fluids – the next day they called me to say he had passed away. My beautiful boy, the love of my life, died in a cage, all by himself. NEVER AGAIN. I won’t let that happen ever again. Nope. Frankie is drinking water and peeing; she isn’t eating as much as I would like BUT she is still marching around, getting up on the bed, the couch, her cat perches. She is still walking and talking. So she stays with me – 

Thursday I have a string of doctor’s appointments at a facility other than my normal one – it’s about 6 miles away and I shall have to Uber but here’s the thing – I have to have a rapid Covid test which they do in a shed in the parking lot of the main building. It is a drive-through testing site! WTH? The nice lady said they would bring a chair out for me – let’s hope I don’t get run over. The testing site is appointment only and I plan to get there before they open and snag my place in line – Let’s hope I don’t get run over or something stupid! 

I don’t expect to get any comments about how we should buy a car or I should learn to drive because, not that it is any of anyone’s business but due to health and safety reasons, and because my husband and I are neither homicidal nor suicidal, we gave up the car two years ago and I turned in my driver’s license 20 years ago…

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