Sunday night is my favorite night of the week.

 Why? Because Sunday I change the sheets on the bed. Come bedtime on Sunday, I put on a nice clean nightshirt and pop into a perfectly made bed onto nice crisp cool clean sheets – Ahh! 

Even tho I ‘fluff’ the bed every day it never feels as lovely and cozy as the first night with clean sheets.  The ultimate luxury for me would be to have fresh sheets on my bed every night – *sigh*

My preferred sheets are 300 thread count 100% cotton. Lots of folks think that the higher thread count the better the sheet and they would be wrong. Check out these links for more information than you ever wanted to know about sheets and thread counts – HERE and HERE. At best, and most, anything over 800 thread count is a rip-off. Some say anything over 600 thread count is a lie…there is only so much thread you can weave.

I can tell you from experience that 500 thread count sheets are much thicker and heavier than 300tc and warmer but I like to sleep cool and I hate heavy sheets and blankets – I feel like I’m being smothered and held down. Those trendy weighted blankets would give me an anxiety attack. They say the weighted blankets are like being hugged and we all know how much I hate hugging. 

If you click those links you will learn all about sheet fabrics and finishes. My preferred 100% cotton wrinkle like crazy because, you know, they’re cotton! But I can smooth out the wrinkles easily when I’m folding them, it’s just the hems that roll up and I can never get them smooth. 

If I were a total walnutto I would iron my sheets but since I don’t own either an iron or an ironing board that’s not happening. I could get a mangle, or the new-fangled  Miele Rotary Iron which is just an update of the old time Ironrite Automatic Ironing Machine (video).  If you take a quick peek at those links you will see that there is nothing new under the sun.

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