Into the donate pile –

 Many many moons ago I got one of those slow cooker thingies (for free) – tried it once, not a fan, eventually it made its way to the Salvation Army store. 20 years later, slow cookers of every shape and size and technology are all the rage and they do come in small sizes to suit my family of 2 – I figure I’ll try it again. 

Tried it with pork, followed the recipe and instructions – Yuk. So I figured stew, it had to be good for stew and it kinda was. 

Then I changed our food timetable and the main meal of the day became Noon-ish instead of 7pm-ish. Slow cooker thing not working for me. So it went into the back of the closet to be donated because I have no use for the thing. 

This past week I was craving beef stew and yesterday I decided to make it the old fashioned way – in a pot on the stove – 

This is beef stew Italian style – ingredients? Your standard beef, potatoes, carrots. But then I add – tomatoes, garlic, wine, worcestershire sauce (ok, so maybe that’s not Italian) and today, for a kick, literally and figuratively,  some Louisiana Hot Sauce. That was bubbling away on the stove by 9:30am and ready to eat by Noon. And damn, was it ever good. Seriously good. So good I had two helpings. Unfortunately I didn’t make a big batch so there were no leftovers. I bet that would have tasted even better today…

Even though the ingredients were basically the same (the hot sauce was a new addition), the slow-cooker/crockpot-whatever-the-hell-they’re called thingy never produced a beef stew this good. Or this fast – okay, yeah I know it’s a slow-cooker but even so I don’t have the time to wait for it. Slow is just not a speed I’m comfortable with.

Maybe it’s something about the stirring, or adjusting the heat as needed, I don’t know but stovetop is tops in my kitchen! 

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