Moving on…

~ It’s Monday, therefore laundry day. I started a little earlier than allowed because I was up and what the hell I say. Monday is a 2-load day which includes sheets and towels as well as clothes. I left the sheets in the dryer too long and they were wrinkle city when I took them out – that’s what happens with 100% cotton sheets, the price I pay for comfort. 

~ I deleted all references to Christmas from my FB page as well as here – not that there was a lot of holiday type postings, then again I don’t post much on FB – basically I have it to keep track of Lisa and Jennifer…I’ve got nothing much to say (and I suppose if you read this blog you already know that – that I don’t have much to say.)

~ One more ‘holiday’ to go, more generic ‘happy’ greetings – I keep wondering why people buy into all this, perhaps it makes them feel better, it just exacerbates my natural cynicism. Or perhaps I should say my acquired cynicism, I’m not too sure cynicism is an innate trait. 

~ It’s been cold here the past week, and I suppose ‘cold’ is a relative term – 40’s during the day is cold to me, tho I don’t know why it should matter since I don’t go out – I’m sitting here trying to remember the last time I was actually outside the building and, checking my calendar, it was last Monday, the 21st, when I went out to the parking lot with Frankie for the mobile vet visit. My next trip outside the building will be Wednesday to go to the grocery store, haven’t been there in 2 weeks. 

~ Being the 28th of the month I will pay a bunch of bills today – my 2 credit cards, the Comcast bill and the condo fees. They will all clear before the end of the month. 

I do like online banking. I remember years ago when I was working for a small consulting firm, they had a bookkeeper come in once a month to pay bills and do taxes and payroll. We were always getting hit with late fees on a lot of the accounts. I gained access to the company’s bank accounts and saw that online banking was available. I mentioned this to one of the principals and said I could easily pay the bills on time using that service. She was shocked and surprised – didn’t know such a thing existed. I had been using online banking personally and assured her that it was secure.  Unfortunately I didn’t take over ALL the bookkeeping which proved troublesome because the bookkeeper they had was a total flake, anyway that’s another long story.

~ That’s my Monday. At 9:30am, I still have to shower and dress; put the laundry away (it’s already folded), make lunch, clean the kitchen and then late in the afternoon, after everyone has had their naps, fluff the bed. That leaves a good part of the day without chores, the kitchen will get another clean-up around 6:30pm – more coffee cups, more cat dishes, the coffee pot for the umpteenth time…Still not a lot, there’s only the two of us plus the cat – 

I suspect those of you with children and jobs will have a much (much!) busier day. And yet, I yearn for just one day with NO chores and I hesitate to even say that out loud because – well, you folks with children and jobs…I bet that is high on your list of wishes – one day with no chores or expectations, despite loving your families, just one day to yourself – Ahhh!

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