Don't include me in your we

 and that’s WE, with one e, so don’t be cute. 

If you want to write or speak about your “journey” and that’s in quotes because generalizations are what I’m talking about here, or your “philosophy” or your little self-help, ooga-booga feel good whatevers – don’t say WE need to do all those things, or WE will benefit or WE anything. It’s YOU. Don’t include me in your grand epiphanies. Don’t include anyone else but yourself.  Some things ARE all about you. And anyway, I think you’re full of it…

I get irked at the damndest things don’t I? 

I bought myself new wireless headphones or earbuds – or whatever they’re called (ok, ok – I just looked it up, they’re earbuds, whatevs…). I then proceeded to watch/listen to a whole bunch of bagpipe/parade videos and some nifty drumline videos. I do love a parade, and particularly a parade with bagpipers but OMG what a shit-load of plaid! 

When I worked in the hat store we sold, amongst other things, baseball cap style plaid wool hats. Two teenagers were trying them on and one said “Plaid is my favorite color”. Those of us who overheard this comment had to choke back the laughter. It became a non sequitur that was always good for a laugh.

Like – “no soap, radio” 

Why is it that when you have the time to do something, you don’t have the money and when you have the money you don’t have the time? 

I’ve never been all gung-ho about traveling except – Scotland – ever since I was a wee lass I have wanted to go to Scotland. I’ve been a little obsessed with all things Celtic. Scottish, Irish, Welsh – I even tried to teach myself Gaelic. For someone who has NO affinity for languages (including English, I swear the way I pronounce a lot of English words you would never know it was my native language) that was an exercise in futility. 

And that will be my one regret in life – I never got to visit Scotland.

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