My father always said there were 3 things

 one never talked about – religion, politics and money. I think in this day and age the third thing might be a bit different but the first two still hold true.

While I have written about my experiences as a young person with organized religion it was only MY experience I talked about. I would never comment publicly about other people’s religious/spiritual beliefs. Oh yes, I do take an occasional swat at New Age woo-woo, ooga-booga  but hey, such an easy target. My bad.

Politically I don’t even comment on those items I support. I suppose some folks think me a liberal, and there might even be an astute person who picks up on my somewhat conservative beliefs. Because I am both – liberal and conservative – folks like me are called moderates. Stepping outside my usual non-commenting, I think any intelligent person is a little bit of both. Extremes are never the right way to go. So I believe. Of course you are free to disagree. I won’t argue with you. Arguing about politics is like trying to teach a pig to sing – it frustrates you and annoys the pig. 

Money – well, it’s just rude to ask someone how much they earn, or even how much they spend unless of course they are asking you to underwrite their spending. 

As for the state of this country – have a little pity for the ultra-conservatives, the sort of people who rioted on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. They are driven by fear. Fear of the different. Fear of others success. Fear of their own failure.  

I venture to say all the unspeakable acts humans perpetrate on other humans are rooted in fear. That’s are hard way to go through life. 

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