Thank you

all for your kind comments regarding Miss Frankie Lulu Belle. I have one more odd thing to share about her but not today. 

Today we talk about toasters. I know, I know – what can anyone possibly have to say about toasters.  But I have spent an excessively long time researching the topic. 

Lately I have had a desire for toast. We do not own a toaster, haven’t for years and years. I can’t remember when I last had an actual toaster. We’ve had a variety of toaster ovens and quite frankly they do not do a great job of toasting foodstuffs. As in – warming and crisping bread-like substances. 

It would seem to be a simple matter to do that – toast bread but -Oho – it is not so at all. And after reading many (oh so many!) toaster reviews the main complaint about toasters is that none of them actually TOAST bread very well. 

Did you know that your basic toaster can cost over $300? Or even that there is no such thing as a ‘basic’ toaster. There are all sorts of interesting new features but I think I’d be happy with one of these – 

There was one toaster I looked at which had the most fun complaint – it actually ejects the toast so forcefully that the toast goes flying – on to the counter, the floor – it just flies through the air like in cartoons. 

There are toasters that have a high-lift function, a warming rack, an LED clock/timer, a see-through door, a ‘little bit more’ function and on and on and yet, regardless of the brand or cost, none seem to consistently toast the bread to the preferred doneness. Nor do any seem to last very long. Oh yeah and there are caveats that the toaster not be used by children or old people because the outside gets too hot. 

Ah, I almost forgot – because people now prefer “artisan” breads, which are usually long, there are long-slot toasters to accommodate everyone’s homemade sourdough. 

My question to you is – Does anyone have a recommendation for a plain old toaster? No bells, no whistles – just something that will nicely brown my bread? 

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