What impresses me

about Joe Biden is his religious faith. I am not a Christian and of all the codified, organized religions in this world the Catholic Church is my very least favorite (oh, SO my very least favorite). 

But Biden’s faith is personal. He truly believes. Quietly but obviously. But he doesn’t push his faith on others, even as a political gambit. Over the years his stand on women’s health and LGBT rights has evolved – contrary to the rules of his church – because as an elected representative he represents EVERYONE. 

Commentators on his inauguration felt there was a religious atmosphere to the entire event – Biden’s speech, Amanda Gorman’s poem (and please someone tell that young woman to keep her hands in her pockets before her next public reading). I have no doubt that when he quoted St. Augustine (“St, Augustine, a saint of my church”) he did so from memory. I have no doubt he really believes and lives his beliefs. 

The Christian right should be thrilled to pieces about Joe Biden, that is if they really believe in the Christian message, if they really believe in a universal God, not just their god. 

I admire Biden’s faith in his Faith. I think it is a very good thing and it makes him a very good man.

Blessed Be.

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