Newton was so right

 My body was “at rest” for a few days because some body parts weren’t functioning well, the details of which are just too tedious to mention, so I won’t. Slagging off for a couple of days has me resenting having to be in motion and doing stuff. 

Tho Sunday, not having slept at all on Saturday night, had me putting into motion the plan I spent all Saturday night working out. 3 in the morning and I’ve got the tape measure out  seeing what will fit where and how. 

The reason for the ‘plan’ was the reason why I wasn’t sleeping. Hubby snores, coughs, mouth breathes, snorts, mumbles and makes a variety of sounds and noises that defy identification. I’ve been sleep deprived for nigh on 31 years now. 

While we do have a 2 bedroom apartment, the second bedroom is small and is my ‘office’. Last year we bought a twin bed and crammed it in there and then I never used it because – just for a variety of reasons (not the least that it was pushed against the wall and with all the bookcases and stuff  it just triggers my claustrophobia.) And then, the master bedroom is large and airy; our king size bed has the world’s most marvelous mattress and I have room to sprawl if I want to. So, until yesterday I just dealt with sleepless nights – lots and lots and lots of sleepless nights. 

My ‘office’ is now re-arranged. Let me tell you, 2 gimpy, disabled old farts moving furniture and rugs – not a pretty sight but luckily one of us is quite clever about doing things efficiently with the least amount of effort, and no, it isn’t the big, slow guy who falls over  lot. 

While I am not a snuggler, and I can at times be a sprawler, I have, over the years, come to like sharing a bed. I can tell you all the years I was single, I never shared a bed through the night. Gentlemen callers did stay the night. The only living thing I wanted to see in the morning was my cat. But over the years of my marriage I’ve come to like seeing my husband there. 

Last night I slept in the twin bed in my office/bedroom. It was a little weird not the least because every time I rolled over I was aware I could fall out. Tiny things these twin beds, not for adults. I miss my king size bed. This morning when I went into the master bedroom to shower and dress I noticed that the bed was barely in disarray. 3/4 of the bed remained unmussed, such a waste for my husband to have the big comfy bed and I am relegated to the not-so-big-bed. 

Anyway, I now have 2 beds to fluff every day, and an extra load of laundry to do every week, more work for me but I’m hoping more sleep for me if I can ever get used to sleeping in a tiny bed.

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