Sometimes procrastination is a good thing

 When Frankie died I asked that she be cremated and her ashes returned to me. While waiting for her return I looked at various urns and boxes to keep her in but hadn’t ordered any. It was just too hard.

Her ashes finally got here today and I was very surprised because I was expecting them in a bag of some sort instead they came in a beautiful wooden box – 

I didn’t order this, as far as I know I didn’t pay extra for this but it is lovely.

We also received a certificate with a lovely poem on it – 

“Farewell, Master, yet not farewell. 

 Where I go, ye too shall dwell. 
 I am gone, before your face, 
 A moment’s time, a little space. 
 When ye come where I have stepped 
 Ye will wonder why ye wept.”
Until I can find a more permanent plaque I printed Frankie’s photo and glued it to a label to put on the front of her box – 

She’s sitting on the low bookcase in the living room that holds the tv. I don’t know how long she will stay there because we both were crying a lot and it might be too hard to see her every day when in fact, we can’t see her every day. 
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