So much I don't really care

 It’s been, what, a year since the virus lockdown? It has hit so many, many, many people hard and that’s not counting the people who have died. Some of those people were the agents of their own demise and others were innocent bystanders, pandemics are never pretty.

Bitchin’ and moaning is not just a national pastime, it’s a constant loud hum and thrum through the air. Acceptance and adjustment doesn’t seem to be an option. Rationality doesn’t seem to be an option. 

The latest, of course, is vaccine availability. Oh my the whining. How much of ‘supply and demand’ do people NOT understand? And really, what makes you special? Can anyone argue that healthcare workers, first responders (fire fighters, police, emts) shouldn’t be the first and primary recipients?  And then, please yes, the folks working in grocery stores and other retail outlets that provide the necessities of life? You’re not one of these people? Then sit down and shut up. 

The vaccines can only be produced so fast and distributed so fast. You can’t have what doesn’t exist. Is this hard to understand? 

The vaccine distribution in my state is so ferkockte as to be a joke.  Am I old with underlying medical conditions? Yes. Is my husband old with even more dire underlying conditions? Yes. Do you see me bitchin’ and moaning? No. (That’s gotta be a first, right?) 

Am I even more paranoid about going out, wearing a mask, which by the way I never found onerous, yes, I am.  Am I all sad and depressed about social isolation – No. I’ve been living in social isolation for 8 years now – I’m used to it, it’s no big deal any more. 

Biggest worry on my plate is that I have to have an outpatient medical procedure that requires anesthesia, which in turn requires that I have someone to accompany me home. I do not have such a someone. The procedure is not an immediate necessity since it stems from my hospitalization back in September.  But it does need to be done, and eventually it will be. The getting home part will be dealt with the way I always deal with things – I’ll manage by myself – I have no other choice. Done and done. 

Is my life situation better than that of many thousands of other people? Abso-fuckin-lutely! Do I know it? You bet your sweet ass, I do. 

Please stop getting your shorts in a knot over things you have no control over. Get real. Count your blessings, put things in perspective and for pity’s sake, shut the hell up! 

And for those folks who truly are in dire situations – y’all need to shout a little louder. 

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