Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ Sometimes you just want to read good writing; you just want to settle into, and revel in the words. To that end I’m reading “Brief Lives” by Anita Brookner. Or should I say re-reading, turns out I read this very book 4 years ago. 

I’ve been reading a series of books by a particular author, same cast of characters, the crew of the Belfast murder squad. As murder/crime books go, not horrible but the author churns out like 2 a year and the plots kinda repeat themselves, as do some of the criminals. I needed GOOD writing, nay even GREAT writing so I remembered Anita Brookner. 

What is it about language used well that is so mesmerizing? There is no complex plot to this story, it doesn’t tear along but, BUT, you just merge with the words. I put the book down reluctantly, it’s not the story I’m all involved in, it’s the words. Or is it the story and the way it’s told that makes it so involving. Plus this woman has an astounding vocabulary. Just to read an intelligent story written by someone who is a master of the language without being a pedantic bore…Pure pleasure.

~ It’s been six weeks since Miss Frankie left us and I miss her something awful. I miss her in particular but I also miss having a cat living with us. You don’t realize what a lot of work cats are until you don’t have to do it.  The accommodations in your daily life you make, all the space you have now that cat trees, steps, dishes, blankets, toys are gone. But also the laughter – I always said “What do people do for laughs if they don’t have cats?”  Now I have no cats. 

~ In the past week I kept reading about people bemoaning that they were getting old and by old they were talking 60. 60? That ain’t old, not even close. I wouldn’t mind being 60 again. If they are getting all depressed about 60 I can’t imagine what they will be moaning about when they are 70 or 75 or even older than that – it’s so far down the road for them. It just amused me that they think their life is over, or something. Or there is an urgency, like the clock is ticking more loudly. maybe it is, but your clock has been ticking since you were born and everything has its time. But old? Life over? Opportunities absent? Oh please, get a grip! I’ll be 75 this year and I am still convinced that one of these days I will be living in those castles in the air I keep building. 

~ I wouldn’t say I am an insensitive person but gosh oh golly gee whiz folks, when it comes right down to it,  if you’ve seen one sunset/sunrise, you’ve seen them all. Truly you have. I’m not impressed by red skies, show me something new or different, otherwise – I’m just not impressed, I’ve seen it before, almost exactly or near enough. So call me a philistine, a grouch, an insensitive clod with no appreciation for nature or beauty, jaded – fine with me. I never tire of photos of birds tho – show me your birds! 

~  Today was another lovely day – the sun was shining! Yay! So I convinced my husband to take a stroll around the parking lot – it’s a big parking lot – it was good to get outside and walk a bit – walking a bit is about all either of can manage but, ya know, something is better than nothing. 

I really need to get back to my book…

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