Sunrise, Sunset, Some Junk

~ I’ve noticed the days get longer, well, the day doesn’t get any longer, still 24 hours, but it gets dark later in the day. I’m writing this at 6:30am and it is still dark out, the sun isn’t up yet, well it is but from where I live I can’t see it yet. Daylight Savings Time will soon be upon us and I hate it. 

Not just the PITA that changing all the clocks is, but that sunset comes later in the day. That it is light out until close to 8pm. And that the sunrise is also later in the day. I like the sun and the light early in the day. While I am not a morning person, it seems, for some unknown reason, that I get up, feeling rested, quite early. This morning I was out of bed at 4:45am (don’t you just love digital clocks?) 

The birds were late this morning, the mourning doves didn’t begin hooting until about a half hour ago, the cawing crows mere minutes ago. They are late. All through the Winter the birds were busy and noisy by 5am. 

I like the sun to be setting by 6pm. By 7 it should be almost gone. 7pm is night time, it should be dark. Our apartment faces West so we enjoy the sunsets but never see the moon and afternoons our apartment is flooded with light – which is nice but in the Summer it’s too much too late. 

I like light in the morning. I like to wake up to light. And with this weird new schedule of mine, getting up so early, it is even more imperative to me that I have the sun in the morning and the moon at night. And yes, that’s a song! 

~ Pop Tarts.  They have their own web site it seems. I didn’t grow up with pop tarts, and I can’t remember when I first ate one. They are the most junkiest of junk food, and unlike other junk food, they don’t even taste good. Two pieces of cardboard with the most artificial tasting artificial filling. Some have some gross rock hard crud coating them which is described as frosting.  And yet – 

I find myself craving Pop Tarts. I do toast them, then make slits in them and add butter. Oh yum! No, not yum, Not yum at all.  They are gross and disgusting. They are sugary cardboard crap. They are a total waste of my precious daily calorie count. I WILL NOT succumb to my irrational craving for them. 

And yet, I find myself craving Pop Tarts. What the hell is wrong with me? 

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