Miscellaneous Mishegoss

 ~ I’m not very active on social media, if at all. I have an IG account but since my cat died I haven’t had anything to post there. I have never seen the point to Twitter and the only reason I have an account is so that when when a Tweet is referenced somewhere else I can see what they are talking about. Let’s see what else – Pinterest? I have no idea what the hell that is about. Tik-Tok? Again, no idea what the use of that is. I’m sure there are many more that I don’t know about and, quite frankly, don’t care about. 

Then there is FB – what a waste of space, at least for someone like me. I’ve been on and off FB since it’s inception (and haven’t I spoken about this recently?). Anyway I have deactivated my account, the one under my current name, and opened an account under my birth name. I have no ‘friends’ on this new account it is simply to keep track of a few ‘pages’ that amuse me on a regular basis – The Oatmeal, A Small Fiction, Marty’s Mouse House (don’t ask LOL). 

The reason for the deactivation was a post by someone I ‘know’ that disturbed me very much. I hid the post but I can’t unsee it.  Most of my FB friends, few that they are, share my sensibilities. There are one or two who lean more conservative but they have never been obnoxious, as I hope I’ve never been obnoxious, in sharing memes and such that support our different ways of looking at life. 

But this really nice person either posted themself, or shared someone else’s post, something that is just beyond the pale – so disturbing to me. It is probably not the worst thing ever posted on FB, far from it, but – Ack! I just can’t. 

I don’t normally see a lot of the crap people complain about because I simply don’t have those kinds of friends and I don’t subscribe to any social/political/news/opinion pages. I don’t belong to any groups. But this one post, totally out of the blue, shocked me. Upset me. I don’t want to think about it and yet I can’t unsee it. Distressing. 

~ Some of you that have known me for a long time know about my family history so I won’t go into the background. My niece, a grown woman of 46, has been in touch with me on and off for 20 years. She notified me via Ancestry that my mother had died and when I messaged her back she said she would like to stay in touch – and then – radio silence. That is okay, truly. Our relationships with our mutual family members are very different. Her story is her story, and mine is mine. And they are different. I see no reason to mess with her story.

She fancies herself a writer and has been publishing on Medium for several years. I’ve read her stuff there, and when she writes about family members I often laugh at the misinformation but never comment – again, her story, her experience – not my place to correct what she has been told. 

Anyway, she hasn’t posted anything, anywhere for over a month. Yes, I follow her social media. She has never gone this long without posting something somewhere. I’m a little worried something is wrong but I will not insinuate myself into her life. She knows I follow her, she knows I would be happy to hear from her, she has chosen to not be in contact (again).  I know, I’m kind of a stalker. Sue me.

~ The vaccination thing Saturday went brilliantly. The whole operation is staffed with volunteers and they were all LOVELY. Then again, most of the people I encounter, wherever I have lived, have been lovely. People are generally kind – something I think we forget on a daily basis because the media is filled with stories of the people who are assholes. 

Then again, people have a tendency to be kind to older folks who walk with canes. 

My husband is, as predicted by me, feeling quite pookie today. I’m experiencing no side effects at all at this time. Who knows, maybe it will hit me tomorrow, or not at all. 

I realize this is all tl;dr but I’m just clearing out my mind to make room for other things to ruminate on. 

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