Another reason my mother never liked me

I’ve mentioned at various times that I didn’t play with dolls, didn’t have dolls, don’t know why people like dolls. I have no recollection of having a doll(s), yet I have photographic proof that I did. According to my mother, when I was given a doll, the first thing I did was take all the clothes off.  

Then the war began. 

She would re-dress the doll, I would take the clothes off the doll. On, off, on, off. I was told that once I hid the clothes under my bed mattress. I didn’t care about dolls so much that basically I would just drag the unclothed doll around by the arm or the foot…My mother finally gave up on the whole doll thing. I was just an unnatural girl child. 

My mother, on the other hand, loved dolls. When my younger brother started kindergarten my mother went to work at the Ideal Toy Factory. She worked in the doll department as a hair rooter. Every time Ideal came out with a new doll, she bought one. I think the Shirley Temple doll was her pride and joy. But also she was super fond of baby dolls. 
While I had no use for dolls I did loved stuffed animals, that was just the generic term for any kind of soft stuffed toy. Nowadays they call them plushies or stuffies I still call them stuffed animals. I had quite the collection as a child, my father bought them for me.
I still have a few, presents from my husband. Plus I have a few hand puppets (I LOVE puppets).  I have winnowed my toys over the years but I still can’t resist hugging any and all soft, fluffy, stuffed animals. I have resisted buying them but not oohing and ahhing over any I see. 
This reminiscence has been brought to you courtesy of today’s grocery shopping trip where almost every aisle had a display of stuffed bunnies and chicks and even bears, all decked out for Easter. I think Easter may be my favorite holiday only, and because of, all the soft, fluffy stuffies. 
I need a soft fluffy Easter bunny!
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