Miscellaneous Mishegoss

~ No one in their right mind would call me a pollyanna yet I often take an upside/downside view of things. Such as: 6 days in the hospital. Upside: I got some much needed rest. Downside: I was very ill. Today’s upside/downside: Warmer weather, windows open all the time. that’s the upside. The downside? Even with the windows closed the birds wake me around 5am, with the windows open? OMG – the noise level reaches epic proportions.

~ We get home delivery of The Washington Post (my local newspaper). The paper has several sections which I sort out and then read in a particular order. The Sports section goes directly into the recycle bag. The front section (A) I glance at and put aside. The Metro section (B) is next, goes on top of A. The third section, Style (C) which includes the comics is the the first one I read. But here’s the thing – I read the first page, then I read the last page, then I go back to the first page, refresh my memory of the stories and continue reading like a normal person. Same reading method for the Metro section, scan the first page, then read the last page then on to page 2. The Metro section of the Washington Post is just a litany of all the previous day’s disasters in the DMV (which stands for District, Maryland, Virginia). I rarely, if ever, read the front section because I don’t need a whole lot of bad news first thing in the morning. It stays on the bottom of the pile.

The Sunday extended Style and Entertainment section I read back to front. Always. Which means I read the “continued” part of an article first. Yeah, I know weird. It’s a habit I think I picked up from my father.

~ Obviously I am not a journey person but rather a destination person – as in “It’s not the destination but the journey” I can’t enjoy the journey if I don’t know the destination. Aimless is not one of my traits. Which is why I could never understand things like jogging, or going for a walk. Where are you running to? Where are you walking to? I used to walk miles when I lived in NYC because it was the fastest way to get anywhere and I enjoyed it – but I always had a purpose and a destination. Without a purpose or destination I don’t do it – I don’t do anything without a purpose. I am never aimless.

That doesn’t mean I am not spontaneous. I used to be. I’d get up some mornings, call off work, and head out to the airport and hop a plane to somewhere – short hop just for the day, or long weekend at a friend’s – hey, what the hell. Of course it was easier to do that that way back when.

~ Cream cheese frosting does not taste like cream cheese.

8 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Mishegoss

  1. I also want a walk to go somewhere. Otherwise what’s the point? Walking to get cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting would make for a good purpose, but much less so if the cream cheese frosting did, in fact, taste like cream cheese.

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    1. I read a post where the person was raving about a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and the person said that the frosting was cream cheese flavored…Um, no. I didn’t comment because I don’t want to rain on the person’s parade but…cream cheese frosting should NOT taste like cream cheese!!! Or maybe I misread it…maybe the frosting was meant to taste like cream cheese – who knows. My cream cheese frosting tastes like whatever flavoring I add to it…As for cinnamon buns…what time shall we meet, we can walk together.

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  2. Very interesting mishegoss here! Reading from back to front? That one confuses me! Not sure if it’s aimless since we have a route but there’s a lot of walking around the hood with no place to go here! Now I want frosting. Or chocolate. Lol

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    1. Well you have Lexi and walkin’ the dog means aimless walking even tho the ‘aim’ is to get the dog to go potty. I used to force myself to take walks around the neighborhood for the exercise but just how many times can you vary a walk before it gets super boring? I can’t do it – it becomes a chore. I have a very low boredom threshold


    1. Now you’re going to make look up Hannah Montana? While I have you here, what would you say is the difference between a walk and a hike?


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