I hate, despise, loathe and abhor


Today is May 18th and they have activated the a/c in the building. Two days ago, that would have been May 16th, I had the heat on.  Yes, it has been unseasonably cool this Spring, such as it was. And yes, in April, I think it was, we had 3 days when the temperature reached the low 80’s, also unseasonable. Basically we have had no Spring. No days when I could comfortably have the windows open. Oh I had open windows, you betcha, but that meant I was wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up indoors.

By this weekend the temperatures are supposed to be going up to 90 with high humidity. Shit, piss, fuck and corruption. No.

I live in Northern Virginia – this part of the world is HUMID (which is why Washington DC is called the swamp!) I’ve lived in the Caribbean and it never felt as bad as it does here. It used to be that 90+ degree days could be counted on one hand, nowadays those days go into the double digits and they are coming this weekend. Most of the Summer the humidity is higher than the temperature, it’s ugly!

Our apartment faces N or NW, depending on which room you are in – from my desk, with my compass pointed out the window to my left the reading is 340°N – not sure what that means. The reality is that we don’t get much sun until late in the afternoon. Coincidentally the highest temperatures of the day in this area hit around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

I’ve lived in Northern Vermont – cold, snow, not much ice oddly enough – depressing as hell, you betcha. I’ve lived in the Caribbean – hot-ish, humid but really not all that bad as long as you stay out of the sun during midday. (Ah, the fun of watching idiot tourists jogging at Noon…lordy I hate tourists and I’ve lived in way too many tourist towns – but then, you could say I’ve lived in interesting places.)

All this is to say I hate a/c. I hate closed windows. I don’t mind heat (and yes, I AM going to say it) it’s the humidity that kills me. I don’t mind the cold but snow, and particularly ice, scare me. Snow and ice are just killers – literally.

Supposedly San Diego, CA has the best weather anywhere but then – it’s California and what person in their right mind wants to live In California (just start with the cost of living and work your way down.)

The Pacific Northwest isn’t so bad from what I’ve read, rain, yes. Lots of rain. But I rather like rain, more than snow and certainly preferable to humidity. I don’t find rain all that depressing. Going outside and not being able to breathe – that’s depressing. Around here in the Summer you need gills to breathe.

I’ve so gotta move.

13 thoughts on “I hate, despise, loathe and abhor

  1. Pacific Northwest is easy up until July and August, plenty of 85 and 90 degree days but not as much humidity as the east coast. Plus we know it’s coming and can prepare for it. The winters are a breeze and it isn’t as rainy as people may think. I gorged on your blog last week and your post about italian cooking helped me with some eating problems I have and made me hungry and motivated me to try eating meat again. I am glad I found your blog.

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    1. Well thank you, glad I could help.

      BTW – having your uterus removed will not affect your hormonal swings. Having your ovaries removed will but it’s not a good idea unless there is a history of breast or ovarian cancer in your family. You need those dang ovaries to protect other parts of your body like your bones! But your uterus? Nah, no use at all if you don’t want to procreate. I got rid of my uterus when I was 40 for medical reasons but if I could have gotten rid of it when I was 13 I would have. Still kept my ovaries tho…

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        1. You’re a smart lady so I know you know that a conversation with a sympathetic doctor is the place to start. I know, finding a sympathetic doctor – not easy. You can also idle some time away with good ole Google – might give you some talking points –

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  2. I don’t do well with humidity either. Luckily Vancouver mostly doesn’t get humid in the summer, nor does it get very hot. I grew up in Canada’s “pocket desert” (aka little desert), and it was dry and hot as hell.

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    1. Deserts don’t interest me, I don’t get their ‘beauty’ but I’d kill for an ocean view! Dry and hot is not an enticement so why people retire to Arizona is beyond me. And Florida! Horrible place, for so many reasons, not the least the godawful weather, and yet, again, people retire there – outta their flippin’ minds.

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  3. 90 already? Ay yi yi! Especially with humidity – yuck! Kansas was humid as hell which is one of the reasons I wanted out of there. That and tornadoes and thunderstorms which I’m terrified of. 60s and 70s here so you’re welcome to visit!

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    1. In 1989 I was in the process of choosing to move to either Seattle or Portland and somehow I wound up in Vermont. Well we all know how I wound up in Vermont, don’t we? I wish I had chosen Portland…


  4. I guess I’m not in my right mind since I live in SoCal. I have lived on the East Coast and no thank you I’ll stay in my non-right mind here in SoCal at least for the time being. It is not been a typical spring here either. We are in the middle of May gray days and will soon be in June gloom days. But I know that the heat of summer is not far away. I have had the windows open, the ceiling and room fans on only for several days this spring so far.

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    1. I would just as soon not live in this country at all – woulda/coulda/shoulda being the trap that it is, I try not to think about the choices I had and didn’t make sigh

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