Annnd – back to mellow

Yesterday I was going to post about being mellow and then it turned into a rant about the medical establishment and FB.  Today, minus the song I’m back to mellow.

Now, mellow is just never a word anyone who has ever interacted with me, even in the most casual of instances, would use. Yet my husband used it last week, as in “You’re more mellow than you used to be” (as if I ever was…). The reason for the comment? His middle child called to thank him for the monetary gift we sent. I said “That’s nice”, and nothing more. He said “My son never called or texted that he received his gift” I replied – *silence*. Husband said “You used to get all pissed off when people didn’t acknowledge gifts were received or even say thank you, now you never mention it” “Yup” I replied “Not gonna get my shorts in a knot about it anymore. Waste of my time and emotions. I do what I do because I want to or have to, I can’t control what other people do, the hell with it”

I read something this morning which irked me and I almost – almost – replied and then thought – “the attitude these people are deriding in others is exactly their attitude in their derision”  I’m sure they don’t see that and who am I to call them to task. Fuck it.

See? Me being mellow.

I’m embracing, in my old age, the old saw that you can’t control other people’s thoughts and reactions. I live my life according to my own standards, and you to yours. If mine are higher? Well, that’s my choice.

And then this just popped into my head…

“But don’t expect me to buy you a stairway to heaven”

What the hell does that mean LOL  Plus now try getting that song out of your head!

You’re welcome.

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    1. I was once described as being “always hot under the collar about something” – true enough I suppose. I just don’t have the energy anymore…or the inclination? Nah, the inclination is there, just not the energy.

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