11:30am – It’s been a good day so far

Last night we had major thunder/lightning storms and the power went out but it was sorta late so we went to bed a tad earlier than usual. This morning it was bright and clear and cool, teeny bit humid but not so bad as all that.

Today was grocery shopping day, when we called for an Uber to go home we got a Jeep Cherokee – a nice big car, easy for my disabled, walks with a cane, super tall husband to get in and out of. Plus, the gentleman driving loaded my groceries into the back of the car. Nice man. He was pleasant, chatted a bit about how Virginia was going to the dogs – what with the state  decriminalizing marijuana, ending the death penalty and other assorted things. OK, so maybe he was a bit more conservative than we are but he wasn’t a raving ranting nut job. When we got home, he waited while my husband went into the building to get a cart (our building has shopping carts and luggage carts available at the back door for folks to transport big bulky stuff) and then he loaded our groceries into the cart – again, Nice man. He got the big tip!

As we got to the service elevator, a man was just getting out, unloading luggage and some small storage bins – he said “You’re lucky, I’m just getting off. Another day in paradise, even if it is muggy” I said “I wouldn’t say it was a day in paradise but it is a lovely day.” He said “When I’m not getting shot at, and I’m not wearing body armour and I’m finally getting to see my wife after all these  months – well, it IS a day in paradise” I said “You’re active military?” He replied “Yes, m’am”  I said “Yes, then it is a day in paradise for you. I’m so glad you are home safe. Thank you for your service”

We loaded ourselves into the elevator, got into our apartment, unloaded the grocery bags and as my husband was backing out the door with the shopping cart and his cane this very same gentleman was coming down the hall – he said “Wait, I’ll take that down for you. I’m just getting another load of stuff. Just leave it here in the hall, I’ll take it” We thanked the man profusely.

So it’s not even Noon and we have had the pleasure of interacting with the nicest people all morning. It IS a GOOD day all around.

Best part? I got to use the two most important words in the whole world – THANK YOU – numerous times today – and mean it with all my heart.

Thank you World – you’ve been good to me today and I appreciate it.

thank you

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    1. It’s still being a lovely day…I had a fabulous lunch – big salad with ‘grilled’ chicken – the olive bar at the supermarket is open again!

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  1. The kindness of others always makes a good day! Thank you for sharing these stories because they gave me the feel good vibe too.

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