Saturday blah blah blah

It is the most glorious day out there. Temperatures been holding steady at 74 for hours now (it’s now 2pm) with the humidity in the low 50’s. There is a brisk breeze and the sun is shining to beat the band. Conversation with my husband this morning:
               Me: Gorgeous day to be outside
               Husband: So go outside.
               Me: There’s nowhere to go outside.
               Husband: That’s true.
               Me: There’s nowhere to go anywhere here. Nowhere to go and no way to get there.
               Husband: That’s also true.
               Me: It sucks living here.
               Husband: —

Tomorrow will also be a lovely day then Monday starts 4 days of ugly, as in, heat and humidity. Thursday was kinda nice, except for a honking big thunder storm in the afternoon and then a small tornado Thursday night. We lost power for about 4 hours and I didn’t get to sleep until Friday night – so that was 36+ hours with no sleeping.

It seems I can talk about food without having any real interest in it – as in – eating it. My husband passed a comment the other day that we hadn’t had an omelet in a long time. I said “That’s because I don’t want one.” So today I made him an omelet. It was picture perfect, as always. I make picture perfect omelets. I ate it. I suppose it tasted good, don’t care, didn’t want it. Actually I didn’t want any food at all but I know I have to put something in my stomach on a regular basis or I’ll wind up in the hospital again. This whole eating thing is stupid. Which won’t stop me from periodically writing about food, ya know, in that nostalgic way I have.

Later this afternoon I will be cleaning the shower on my hands and knees with a grout brush. I hate grout! I need to live in a grout free environment. I’m too old to be doing this cleaning with a toothbrush crap.

OTOH – Thursday I cleaned out my dresser, threw out a garbage bag full of stuff – socks, old t-shirts and other miscellaneous nonsense I had been saving. I had bought organizer trays and now all my socks and scarves and gloves and earmuffs are all neatly rolled and contained. Opening my dresser drawers give me a warm feeling of happiness and contentment (Marie Kondo ain’t got nothing on me.)

Speaking of Marie Kondo, at the height of the Kondoization of the world I wrote this little ditty:

Curmudgeons & Grouches

Cuddle your cut-offs
Snuggle your slippers
If they don’t bring joy
It’s time to ditch ‘em.

Bypass the donuts
Say no to all bread
Glutens verboten
Inhale kale instead.

Look on the bright side
Exist in the now
Always be grateful,
They’ll all tell you how.


Where are the grouches
Where the curmudgeons
People like me who
Live in high dudgeon.

We like our messes,
Our stomachs are fine.
So shove your good cheer
Where the sun doesn’t shine.

© Grace St. Clair 2019

Enjoy your weekend…

18 thoughts on “Saturday blah blah blah

  1. Grace, your poetry is the best ever :). You have quite the talent. Did you end up in hospital due to lack of eating? Or does eating too little contribute to something else? If I may be so nosey.

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    1. Oh go on now, you make me blush 😊 As to my health – anxiety and stress has always gone straight to my stomach. A couple of years ago I inadvertently started doing that intermittent fasting thing – changed our main meal of the day to Noon-ish and my dinner time to no later than 6pm and often I didn’t even eat then…so very little food for sometimes 16 hours or more…add lots and lots of stress and anxiety and Boom! GI bleed – big hole in my stomach, lots of gushing blood, didn’t go to the hospital for 2.5 days by then I had lost 1/2 my blood supply, they thought I might have had a heart attack because my heart had to work extra hard to pump what little blood I had left, turned out no heart attack but I did develop blood clots in my lungs…I still haven’t done the follow-up on the whole stomach thing – but I’m working on that this month, will probably have to have a Duodenal ultrasound, which involves anesthesia and I have no one to see me home from the hospital aside from my husband, and I am HIS caretaker – so, you know, fun times ahead.


      1. Oh my god. I couldn’t bring myself to hit the like button because I don’t like all this. I am glad you are working on taking care of things. I did not know that failing to eat plus stress could result in serious stomach issues like that.

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        1. Oh yeah, stress and anxiety go right to the stomach – churns up that acid, eats big holes in your stomach, add in not eating for long periods – acid has nothing to work on but the stomach lining. I’ve been this way for years. When I was in my early 20’s my boss and I popped Maalox like they were M&Ms…There was a short period of time when the stress/anxiety-panic attacks were causing me to have little brain bleeds – a blood vessel would pop in my right brain – haven’t had one of those in a while – tad ugly to watch happen, effects look a lot like stroke – honey there ain’t nuthin’ anyone can tell me about stress and anxiety…been there, done that, still there, still doing it…


          1. God that’s depressing. And I hate that you’ve had to suffer. And since I have a starvation based eating disorder now I am all worried that I am getting holes in my stomach. Sheesh. Yeah I better go look up your food posts to get myself hungry today.

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            1. Stomach acid is there for a reason, and if there is no reason for it to do it’s thing, break down food, then it will work on what it can find – the stomach itself. Bulimics suffer from it by barfing, the acid damaging their esophagus…

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                1. Here’s a hard fact you need to face – your ‘problems’ come out of your childhood trauma/abuse. Eating disorders are about control, control over your body, alcohol is about numbing the pain. Even the anxiety – all goes back to that trauma. That’s what worries me, if you don’t address that – everything else becomes band-aids.

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  2. I agree with you on where to shove the good cheer. The one good thing about Marie Kondo, though, is her folding method. I don’t do it as precisely as she does, but it’s a truly wonderful thing.

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    1. I saw some video on her folding methods – big whoop – I’ve been folding things like that for years…Hell I can fold a fitted sheet so that it looks like it just came out of the package…

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  3. Haha, love the poem! 36+ hours of no sleeping? That would do me in! So would cleaning the grout with a toothbrush on my hands and knees. I’m a whiner and those two things would bring out the best whine ever!

    Hope you at least got some fresh air out of the nice weather! Our temps have dropped and the open windows have been glorious! Back up in the upper 80s during the day though but the nights are cool and crisp.

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    1. I gotta tell ya, I was pretty loopy yesterday. Usually I get REAL grumpy and nasty when I haven’t slept in that long a period but yesterday I was just – loopy! It’s not exactly a toothbrush, not that I haven’t scrubbed bathrooms with toothbrushes, but nowadays they have grout brushes – I have two different kinds – and unfortunately the only way to get to the tile on the floor of the shower is to get right on down there – hands and knees!

      Yeah, the windows have been open for 2 days now, this morning is was down right nippy!

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  4. Oh my, 36 hours with no sleep. Lately it seems that I can’t go very long at all without sleeping. I sit down and that’s all it takes. Of course that doesn’t apply while I’m at work or somewhere else.
    That poem is absolutely the best. LOVE it.

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    1. Didn’t get much sleep last night either and I was up at the crack of dawn to do laundry…I tend to not sleep well the night before laundry morning, I guess subconsciously my brain is saying “Don’t get to comfortable, you have to be up by 6”. Plus last night, I was itching like crazy – I just know it’s something left in the washers/dryers – I HATE community laundry rooms. And, please, Ann – you work your ass off at work, I expect getting home and putting your feet up is the ultimate Ahhh! experience. Me, I sit on my ass all day, do some cleaning, a little cooking, hardly exhausting myself. the only thing busy about me is my brain…


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