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I started writing a post much earlier this afternoon. In retrospect it wasn’t all that interesting but I did some research on stats about the county I live in. During that time my husband got up from his post-lunch nap and I went into the living room and said “Did you know Arlington is the 6th richest county in the United States?  He replied “No, and why would I care?”

We then spent the next two hours talking – about so many things, I wish I could have taped that conversation, I really do. It was amazing.  I’m not going to try and summarize because that would be impossible.

So that’s why there’s no post today – I came back to my office, looked at the drivel I had written and just deleted it.  It was of no interest at all, trust me.

The conversation my husband and I had – now that you would have loved.


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    1. My husband and I didn’t meet (and marry) until we were in our early 40’s – so after 31 years of being married there are still things we don’t know about each other’s past. Plus you have to understand my husband doesn’t seem to remember ANYTHING about his life, and I remember EVERYTHING. Yesterday we had a similar marathon conversation and you would have loved it – a good portion of it was why I hate Seinfeld. I explained why to my husband including many anecdotes of my life amongst those people in the 1980’s. My husband commented that it would make a great stand-up routine. I was on a roll and I was funny! But spoke the truth – every word!

      I used to blog our conversations – the short ones anyway – I stopped a few years ago, not because we stopped talking but too many of the conversation that were worth relating because they were funny or wise needed to much backstory to make any sense. Plus a lot of the funny included hand-waving and facial expressions – I’m Italian remember – If you ever need some quick reading to pass the time – check out Today’s Conversation

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        1. You mean the ones on “Today’s Conversation”? There are all verbatim, I swear – this is our relationship and quite frankly a really good snapshot of who we are as individuals. We’re cute, right?

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