It’s been kinda a fun day

Last night my husband, voluntarily, opened the windows and I awoke this morning to a crisp cool breeze. I had slept like the dead. Sunshine all day but a breeze, at 4pm it’s only 82º with 31% humidity. So fabulous. Tomorrow the weather will suck but today, ah, TODAY!

I don’t talk in the morning – no talky! Today was an exception:

Me: Who the hell is jack-hammering and making that godawful racket at 7 in the morning?
Husband: That isn’t a jackhammer, it’s a truck.
Me: Okaaay ….Why the hell is a TRUCK making that godawful racket at 7 in the morning?
(Husband buries his nose in the newspaper)

Had a decent experience in the supermarket this morning, despite the deli person slicing $14.99 per pound roast beef into paper thin slices, wadding it up in a ball and shoving it in a plastic bag. Hey, a little respect for the food, we aren’t getting this food for free. And no one asked for shredded roast beef.

But other than that – no salad bar available this week; very little fresh meat, frozen vegetables pretty much non-existent. We all know why – Thursday is ‘Senior Citizen Discount Day’ so they don’t bother re-stocking the shelves, especially with the weekly sale items, because all those old people might buy more stuff and then get a bigger discount.

We bought lots of extra stuff this week because the Baby Princesses and their parents are coming on Sunday – so lots of extra mouths to feed. Fun tho, so much fun. Just to see them in the flesh! So excited!

I got my new keyboard today too. I’ve had this model before but I had to ditch it because, somehow, it got infested with ants! I live on the third floor of an apartment building, I do not have a balcony, I do not eat at my desk. ANTS – crawling all over my desk and in and out of my keyboard; same for my husband’s desk and keyboard (his desk being in a different room than mine). WTH?

So we ditched the keyboards and I bought keyboards with extra large keys – my husband loved his, I hated  mine. So after many months of cursing the keyboard I treated myself to another Matias Mechanical Keyboard. Ahhh –

For one thing it makes that lovely clicky-clicky noise. I love that noise. I can elevate it so it’s at an angle which I prefer and best of all, the very best of all, accessible from the keyboard itself are all those special symbols, accent marks and doodads – no trying to remember codes, shortcuts, or whathaveyou –  This is a MAC keyboard, specifically, they also make PC specific keyboards, and they also make QUIET keyboards, I just happen to like the clicky-clicky.  The company, Matias, appears to make ONLY keyboards – bit of a niche market, but oh my goodness so many to choose from! Then again most of you use your phones for everything and have no need. Us die hard desktop, big screen loving users, we like our keyboards.

Perhaps part of this post sounds a tad grumpy, but you know, just relating how the day went, despite a few irksome things, still a fun sort of day. I’m all happy and upbeat…it’s the weather, I know. Windows Open! Windows Open!

14 thoughts on “It’s been kinda a fun day

  1. Ants—how bizarre!

    I use my Macbook for blogging. Several letters are worn off, or I guess the opposite, really, because the keys have black paint and translucent letters, and the black paint wears off. N is gone completely, A, C, L, and O are mostly gone, and there’s a clear spot in the middle of the left-hand command key. Probably it’s a combination of the keys I used most often and the angle my nails hit them at.

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    1. It was those teeny tiny ants and they seemed to be nowhere except in our keyboards! I have never been really comfortable typing on a laptop – despite my first Mac being a MacBook and I used that for a coupla three years and then got an iMac – my eyes just can’t take that little screen for any length of time. I have a MacBook Air, that I use in the morning at the dining table, the iPad mini mostly just for reading and the iMac for all my real ‘work’. If the worn keys get annoying you can always get an external keyboard…

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    1. Me either. my desk is a few feet away from a window, but there were not ants anywhere near the window – another of the mysteries that follow us around. I don’t know that this feels like a typewriter, I’ve forgotten what that feels like LOL but it certainly sounds like one. There is a company that makes keyboards that LOOK like a typewriter, QuirkyWriter a tad pricey tho…

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  2. I remember the ant infestation and it’s still bizarre! Glad you slept well and had a good weather day today! Did you ever find out why there was a truck making a godawful racket at 7 in the morning?

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    1. No, that would have involved getting up from the table, finding my glasses, and peering out the window – all without first having had my coffee – Unfortunately our apartment overlooks the parking lot. Occasionally we see notices for apartments for rent or sale that note “Apartment on Quiet Side of the building” always makes us chuckle. I wish someone had warned us!


  3. Before I turned into a morning person, everyone knew not to talk to me for a least an hour after I got to work.
    How odd that the ants would only be in the keyboards. That would have freaked me out a bit. I would likely be waiting for ants to come out of any keyboard that ever sat there.

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    1. Doesn’t matter what time I get up, or how much sleep I’ve had – No talky! until I’ve been up and awake for a while – a LONG while. As for the ants, we are kinda used to odd things happening –


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